Sunday, January 4, 2015


   So in a previous post of mine, I talked about being with my group of friends walking through various cool places of our town. Since John took some awesome shots, I decided putting them into a separate post would do them more justice. 
portrait of yours truly

i'm just an angsty teen from a suburban town who enjoys standing in dog cages from abandoned shelters

sam and i standing with a giant pile of salt 
flash spelling- i got the "o" because i wasn't trusted to write anything without fucking it up
me and my bff, Sam
a field we went down to find a lot full of buses 

smiley gurl
sunset over the field

corn field we had to walk through

awful attempt at light drawing
ps. I saw Fiona on Friday in the city (I also finally went to Housing Works bookstore cafe which is the best thing ever because I have the biggest love for Housing Works)

we've both grown quite a lot since the "twitter twin" days
me and fee's friend, carsyn, who i met that night too

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