Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Rebel Rebel, You've Torn Your Dress

   Winter break has been great so far. On Christmas eve, my family and I went down to see my uncle in the city and though we usually go to the Museum of Natural History (it's been a tradition since I was around 8), my dad left the tickets at home so we ended up at the Met which I was ecstatic about since I've been wanting to see "Death Becomes Her" since around September when my FIT professor recommended it. My dad and I split from my sister, mom, and uncle to go down to the Anna Wintour room and it was one of my favorite moments of the whole day. The exhibit was beautifully curated and so well done. I couldn't stop ranting about it for the rest of the day!

   Actual Christmas wasn't nearly as exciting. My uncle came over along with a group of family friends from Hoboken and we ate dinner and opened presents at around ten at night. My uncle gave me fancy chocolates and a Topshop gift card (I'm super excited about that because there's one on Broadway that I can stop at though I'll probably just end up online shopping). The day after, I took my sister into the city wearing my mom's cheerleading shoes from high school that inevitably broke and I had to walk twenty blocks, barefoot, in only tights until I got to Buffalo Exchange and bought a pair of sequined platform shoes that I would've bought anyways (the entire trip down there, my sister kept asking if I was okay walking with just my sheer tights covering my feet- I'd done it before in the summer and would do it again). Before that incident though, I got to introduce Rachel to my friend, Jason, who works at Housing Works. Our friendship started one faithful day when he was wearing an Alaska Thunderfuck tee and we had a talk on Rupaul. Milk had just been in the store when me and my sister came and he was real excited about that. We also went down to Madison Square Park because it was nice and pretty outside and everything was fantastic. 

Monday was my favorite day of them all. John, Sophia, Sam, and I all went down to the dirt mound by Sophia's to take photos (don't ask) and then ending up at an abandoned factory and walked around there. We then went geocaching which was really frustrating because it was cold outside and I wasn't wearing a proper jacket for the weather and John and Sophia ended up having to get through a bush of thorns to retrieve our capsule that held a rainbow loom and log of everyone that has been there- it was really amazing because some of the dates went back to around 2005. We got back to Sophia's and listened to her vinyl of May Death Never Stop You (though it somewhat defeats the purpose to have modern records on vinyl I think) before going out to the dinner in the village. We ended the night playing Cards Against Humanity at my house along with recording this gem 
sam being adorable

whilst everyone climbed the mound, I stayed back 

Mr. John Bell and Feminist Fatale

Sam and John walking to the factory

John and I exploring around the area
   Anyways, this post comes with really awesome experiences but along with a huge change- with this, I end scheduling on this blog. The schedule I made for myself in seventh grade has caused me an incredible amount of stress along with quality to go down. I will of course stay with making music, fashion, and everything else posts just at times I want to and will continue to post outfit content.
See you,


  1. I've not long found your blog, and I think it's amazing. It's one of the few blogs that are extremely relatable and I really enjoyed reading it. You've inspired me to create my own blog and I really hope you continue your blog xx