Tuesday, January 20, 2015

all we ever share are dial tones

   i love so many people wow. John, Sam, and I hung out on Saturday before me and John went off to a birthday party for our friend, Eva, but beforehand, we walked into town to get her a present (we ended up deciding on a giant cupcake stuffed animal) and John took really pretty pictures of me and Sam. The entire night as a whole though was amazing- we went to the toy store and got fries at Stoney's and worked on the Fresh-Men's new hit single and everything was perfect and grand. When Sam and I saw the pictures, John commented that they looked somewhat cinematic. My response to this was naturally that it's a Sundance Film Festival short film about existentialism because everything is dark and people have colored hair. 


it was fucking freezing outside but John insisted on taking photos of us as we walked back

as we we're walking into town- deer ran across the street from the reservation and I got overly excited

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