Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Songs I've Been Obsessing Over

Oh god it's been awhile- things have been really hectic and my workload is filling up so whenever anything like that happens, I tend to just lay in bed and watch New Girl. Anyways, I made up a playlist of the songs that have been on repeat lately.
♥Brooklyn Baby- Lana Del Ray
♥Trouble (stripped)- Halsey
♥Salt- Bad Suns (they're new album is ace)
♥Matthew James- Bad Suns
♥Mira- Bribry Is Sky High (Bribry's  old stage name)
♥Littl'An- Bribry
♥I Am Not In Love Anymore- Liza Anne
♥Alright To Be Alright- Bethan Leadley 
♥Gasoline- Troye Sivan
♥White Coats- Foxes
♥Nina- Ed Sheeran
♥Rat A Tat- Fall Out Boy (feat. Courtney Love)
♥The Wanderlust- Metric
♥Cherry Pickin- Kate Nash
♥You're So Cool, I'm So Freaky- Kate Nash

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