Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My New Years Resolutions/Goals 2015

   It is 9:12 pm as I write this and I am merely hours away from 2015 so it seemed appropriate to write out my new years resolutions that at this point, I hope to complete within this new year.
♥Get good grades and instead of watching Netflix all day, do schoolwork that I should be doing
♥See All Time Low on their tour- they've been my favorite band since 7th grade. It's about time.
♥Listen to more David Bowie. I don't enough.
♥Spend more time with people instead of sitting in my room.
♥Be on good terms with people I've fucked relationships up with.
♥Journal more often.
♥Write more music.
♥Get better at keyboard. I suck.
♥Start another novel.
♥Finish Nanowrimo.
♥Stop letting my anxiety disorder take over every single fucking thing I do.
♥Read more books.
♥Stop taking everything so incredibly personal.
♥Start talking to Pietro and Alessia again.

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