Monday, June 1, 2015

i’ll steal your honey like i stole your bike

*title from the best song of ALL TIME, "Summer Girls" by Lyte Funkie Ones*
Wow. I haven't done anything here for AWHILE. Before I get back on track, I have a couple $uper cool updates:
♥My hair is black again. Yeah I realize the exact thing I'd been working SO hard to get out is right back in again. I had blue, purple, and green hair for a hot second but it was absolutely terrible so it's back 2 black. I look a little something like this at the moment:
classic ann in class selfie
♥I SAW ALL TIME LOW!! The band I have been talking about since the blog has started I saw live about a week or so ago in New York. Sam and I waited ten hours (God bless her) in a line that just got fucked over by VIPs but I met Adam Elmakias and saw all the members walk by. I was going to write a post about it but nothing can do it justice. To sum it all up, the concert was this:
I couldn't stop sobbing through "6 Feet Under The Stars", "Damned If I Do Ya", "Stella", "Therapy", and "Lost In Stereo"- I immediately calmed at my all time least favorite song, "Missing You" 
just me and a friend

State Champs- I actually really like their music but they completely were horrible live due to encouraging rowdiness and making literally no comments towards the people trying to leave due to panic attacks. 

Jenna McDougall is a sweet baby angel live. End of story.

Seeing my favorite band was super overwhelming

Back view when Sam and I left the crowd to make an easier exit by the end

beginning of the day of Sam Slaughter and Ann Ambulance waiting in the eternal line

us outside ATL's tour bus (yes I did cry)
 ♥Wanted to share my Converse that I decorated with Valentine's decorations from last year when I was into making wild headbands (still love doing it- just haven't had the time). These shoes were kindly given to me for free from a marketer from the company

♥I finished BP- the program wasn't the greatest but sure looks good on college applications and I got free coffee so why not? I have re-applied because the girls are so sweet and I find out wether or not I got in in a few days!! 
♥I have new music up on Soundcloud along with my band, Phantomizing's first cover of "I Miss You" by Blink182 

I promise to be much better with posting this month (May was kind of wild)

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