Friday, June 26, 2015

i don't have to be a lady, i don't have to be your baby

   Lately, I have been getting into a lot of Kate Nash and The Donnas all over again. I don't know why. I maybe just have been in an angsty teen girl mood lately. My recent favorites have included:
Kate Nash- "Mansion Song" 
the beginning is my favorite- I really like when she kind of just screams or talks really angrily like in "Rap For Rejection" or the second verse of "Conventional Girl". I hadn't listened to Kate Nash for awhile which is quite sad because I remember when she used to be all I was into. 

The Donnas- "Too Bad About Your Girl"
The Donnas are overall one of my favorite girl bands- they're just really fun and their lyrics have a certain humor to them. The energy in this one is incredible and the lyrics are really fun to just blast and sing along to. 

Florence + The Machine- "Swimming"
I had a Florence phase in the beginning of the year where I just obsessively played all her albums and nothing else and this is by far, my favorite song of hers. It's so calming and her vocal range is gorgeous.
(Speaking of angsty girls, there's a documentary on Netflix called The Punk Singer that is all about Kathleen Hanna and Riot Grrrl and is one of the best things ever and I'd recommend it to anyone!!)

    Me and my friends have been cute as always. The other week, Aran, Sam, Harper and I spent the Friday night together. We found a shopping cart from the local super market on the field and Aran rode down the hill on it. He also took photos of us in front of a wall. What a true friend. 
what a bunch of cool, edgy, teens

   I just finished my journal. It's always weird finishing a notebook because the new one is always hard. My lovely girlfriend bought me a really pretty book and I covered it in stickers from the Rookie Yearbook 3 and free ones I got from a meet up with Tavi Gevinson. I've been carrying it around in my purse so when I start up classes at LIM, I can just write down song lyrics or bits of poetry or random thoughts I get when I'm sitting in parks or in the middle of class or something, I don't know. 

    My hair is pink/purple. I don't really know what color it is. It was originally purple dye but I liked Harper's color so much we mixed some of that dye in too. It depends on who you talk to. I call it pink. I really like how it looks and feel a million times more confident. Woo. 

   As a gay female blogger, I feel as though I am obligated to talk something about the new laws on same sex marriage which are incredible!! and really really awesome!! This definitely isn't the end of discrimination (My wedding will not be held in Indiana or South Carolina anytime soon), it's a really huge step in the right direction. When my mom found out the news, she called me up telling me to marry a "nice jewish girl" and demanded grandchildren. My band, Phantomized, also showed our pride with a snazzy logo change for the day 
I was in charge of putting it up and ended up writing up a post that looked like it was done by Harper and Sam about how proud they were and how it "really hit close to home" for their lovely guitarist, Ann, who is "very gay and very happy".

   I've started up writing music again which is great because that always makes me happy. My two latest songs have been for my girlfriend, Madison. I'm mostly proud of "Picket Fence Yard Song" even though it is a little strange- Madison argues that it isn't weird, just she doesn't understand what I'm talking about at certain points. 

I start up LIM in about two weeks- I'll have much more to talk about then.


  1. Yes to your song I'm so jealous of people who can write good music- hahaha I was so confused when your phone went off in the recording. SO happy about the new gay marriage laws, congratulations:)

  2. I want those cool girls to judge me