Monday, March 9, 2015

standing outside your figurative door

   This weekend, my mom and I went to Brooklyn to see my ultimate role model, Tavi Gevinson (for the 5th time), and hear her conversation with Anna Collins on modern day feminism. Starting off, Tavi is one of the funniest people ever along with such a great understanding of feminism and how to talk about it. Afterwards, she held a signing that I of course went to and finally bought my Rookie Yearbook 3 (I just need Yearbook 2 to complete my collection) along with a sheet of super cute stickers (I have developed a new obsession with covering everything in stickers as you can tell by my nintendo DS and guitar, Duckie)
(stickers from The Pulp Girls)

When I actually met Tavi, her immediate reaction was "You made me that jacket!" (I handmade a denim jacket with a bunch of drawn badges that I gave her at a Yearbook 3 party) Also, at the party, I showed her my celebrity mood board I'd made of her for my FIT class and when she said she absolutely loved it, my professor gave me bonus credit. She told me she was super proud of me and we took my worst picture with Tavi in existence (I also find it funny that in every picture I've taken with her, I have a different hair color)

she did write a cute message in my yearbook 

♥OK so I am sure most are aware of my love for Patty Walters and the band As It Is (he's the lead singer of) but since I joined their street team, I got invited to their meet up before their show in New York- Sam and I bought tickets a few weeks ago and I'm so excited to actually meet this band with only five other people in the room. If you haven't heard As It Is and are a fan of pop punk, I would definitely recommend listening to them.

♥ My favorite band ever, All Time Low, have just released their next single off Future Hearts and I'm not really sure how I feel about it- when I showed it to Sam, she mentioned it sounded like Dirty Work and even though some of my favorite songs are off that album, it also had "Heroes", "I Feel Like Dancing'", and "That Girl" so that album is pretty infamous and a repeat of that doesn't sound amazing. I'm mainly a little iffy on it because it sounds quite a lot like their previous single, "Somethings Gotta Give", which was an extremely fun song but listening to an entire album of just that is definitely not what I want. "Kids In The Dark" doesn't make me any less excited for Future Hearts but I really would hate it if All Time Low make a Dirty Work repeat.
(also the greatest response to the SGG music video was definitely this)

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  1. omg isn't tavi just the nicest? I met her about 2 years ago when she came to melbourne and her hour long talk was just the greatest
    and I love your stickers from the pulp girls :)