Thursday, February 12, 2015

30 Reasons Why You Should Love Matthew Gray Gubler

(I found this in my drafts from about six months ago and thought it was the best thing I've ever spent time on)
As you all probably know, I have quite the obsession with actor, Matthew Gray Gubler, and here I will be simultaneously listing 30 reasons why I believe he is the best thing ever and bringing the quality of this blog down !!!
1. He is hilarious 
2. Can we talk about how adorable-y awkward he can get?
3. If you've seen any of his work, you can tell how amazing he is of an actor.
4. I absolutely can't stand horror but whenever Matthew directs any of the scarier episodes of "Criminal Minds" they're always fantastic.
5. He is on one of the only good crime shows.
6. Do I have to bring up Spencer Reid?
7. He can go from really nerdy cute to model status (which I personally don't like nearly as much).
8. He once stood outside in New York City on crutches taking pictures with fans and though he REALLY didn't need to do this, he really showed he wanted to be there and was extremely nice to his fans. 
10. His recordings of "Annabel Lee" and "The Tell Tale Heart" are so beautifully done.
11. He can be really self deprecating.
12. The fact he wears mis matching socks every day because the last time he wore matching socks he sprained his ankle is pretty awesome.
13. His mockumentary series is probably one the funniest things I have ever seen.
14. When he does that thing with his hair behind his ears.
15. OK let's not deny how gorgeous he is.
16. Can we talk about how talented he is? I mean this man is an actor, director, writer, and artist.
17. I really like how weird and "out there" his portraits are.
18. The amount of times he has changed his hair style fascinates me.
19. Matthew is just an overall interesting person. I mean his entire lifestyle is rather unique.
20. Am I the only one who thinks that the fact he lives in an old hotel in LA is the coolest thing ever?
21. He's close friends with Wes Anderson and was mentored by him in college.
22. His old modeling photos are the funniest things ever and I love how he pokes fun at them.
23. He has an appeal for anyone. 
24. Matthew's  dedication to his fans is so strong and I find that amazing.
25. His directing skills are so great like I swear to god he can make anything look good.
26. His music taste is A+.
27. It is adorable how during his liveshows he really listens to what his fans have to say and gets really engaged.
28. Can we talk about that interview he did on his first stage kiss? Because I loved how nervous he got for it showed even big actors like him can get scared over things like that.
29. His glasses though.
30. Um he's Matthew Gray Gubler.

OK this either made the quality of How Fitting go drastically up or dramatically down. It's hard to tell to be honest.


  1. Finally, there's someone who shares my love for Matthew Gray Gubler :D
    He simply is such a great artist in so many different ways ! (Not to mention his ridiculous attractiveness)

    1. Oh my god I love you- Matthew is my all time favorite