Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Songs That Makes You Worry About The Future of Music- Jedward

"Your gonna see things differently. Look at her from my P.O.V. I'm gonna watch you watch me joyfully." 
Jedward is the kind of band where all you want to do when listening to their music is clutch your stomach in laughter. By the end of their painfully long album, I almost believed I felt stupider and yet at the same time, I kinda wanted to hear more. I chose to share that rather nice quote with you guys for it was from the last song on their album "Young Love" and believably the worst. The beat was clearly catchy and made you want to listen to it all day and do the same embarrassing dance move over and over again. I have nothing against a catchy chorus line but I do have a little trouble when the lyrics make you feel well... confused. In end, I came to the realization that the only way I could explain this was by putting my own comments to the song trying to make at least a little sense out of the lyrics. The Blue marks are the actual lyrics while the black ones are my comments. So here is my interpretation:

I'm gonna party hard,

Till the morning light,
Oh, oh,
I'm gonna get rocked up,
Cause a scene tonight,
Oh, oh
Clearly, this is a party scene where I guess the Jedward boys are having some fun. By getting "rocked up" I figure they are taking some sort of drug or drinking. By "Cause a scene tonight" my best guesses where that there was either going to be a fight or one of these twins would end of with a girl (or guy)
We can turn the camera round,
Put your eye to the lens,
This is where it got weird. I think by now, the guys have left this party and are now for some reason filming or are still at this party but for reasons I don't think anyone can understand, they are showing this person how to work a camera
Gonna give your best performance,
No offence
I figure this was some challenge but why would this be offensive? Maybe the first line was sarcastic as if they didn't believe this person could give their best performance....
You're gonna see things differently,
Look at it from my POV,
I'm gonna watch you watch me joyfully,
Oh, oh,
From my POV
Now we're at the chorus line. Maybe by looking at her others see something different but once one of these boys look at her they realize she has something more to her.
Cause girl I could chew you up like a bubblegum,
Oh, oh,
I'll make you pop, spit you out,
When I've had my fun,
Oh, oh
My best interpretation of this paragraph was that Jedward was leading her on but would soon leave her after they've had their fun.
Did you really think it over carefully?
This girl should really have thought it over carefully when she fell in love with these boys and they ditched her.
When you ran around and thought that you were me?
Huh? When did THAT happen?
You're gonna see things differently,
Look at it from my POV,
I'm gonna watch you watch me joyfully,
Oh, oh,
From my POV

You're gonna see things differently,
Look at it from my POV,
I'm gonna watch you watch me joyfully,
Oh, oh,
From my POV

Please don't hate me,
Is this some sort of weird apology?
But you can't break me,again.... HUH?
Just zoom in closer,
Tonight, tonight, tonight
Now I guess Jedward's friends are "zooming" in on this girl and seeing her from their P.O.V
You're gonna see things differently,
Look at it from my POV,
I'm gonna watch you watch me joyfully,
Oh, oh,
From my POV

You're gonna see things differently,
Look at it from my POV,
I'm gonna watch you watch me joyfully,
Oh, oh,
From my POV

Ann's Top Ten: Music!

So after my last blog post about how music I hate, I decided to do a more positive (yet less entertaining) post about music that I'm absolutely crazy for! So here it my lovelies: Ann's Top Ten: BANDS!
Ann's Top Ten Favorite Singers/Bands
1. All Caps 
All Caps is a techno "nerd" band who basically sing about everything possibly nerdy and every dorky fandom (world of war craft, Harry Potter, Pokemon etc.) The two singers in it included the two famous youtubers Kristina Horner (italktosnakes) and Luke Conard (lukeconard2) 
Favorite Song: Mrs. Nerimon
2. All Time Low
All Time Low is a punk rock band who unlike "All Caps" don't have the same nerdiness to them and therefor less easy to relate to but have songs that have full on emotion and well attitude (that just sounded SO lame). I could mostly just describe their music being PRETTY. FREAKING. AWESOME.
Favorite song: If These Sheets Were The States
3. Alex Day
I love this guy to death. Alex Day is the ever so awesome youtuber nerimon and has the same nerdiness as All Caps while it doesn't show in his music. Alex has a lot of personality though and that is one of the most important things to me besides the lyrics actually making sense (cough cough Jedward) 
Favorite song: A Thousand Hours
4. Ed Sheeran
I really like Ed Sheeran for the fact that he gives me the best stuff to clutch my palm to my heart and say 
"One day I want a boy to sing this to me" but it still has a male appeal and  music that anyone could listen to.
Favorite Song: Small Bump
5. Robyn
The thing I absolutely adore about Robyn is her "get out of my way bitch!" attitude which is probably the best thing to listen to in a song. Most of her tracks if none does she admit defeat to a boy but instead use the fact that he is missing out on her.
Favorite Song: Time Machine
6. Chameleon Circuit 
Does anyone else see the reoccurring theme of a total nerd? Chameleon Circuit is a "Trock" band meaning Time Lord Rock which is a genre dedicated to songs about Dr. Who. The band is made up of Charlie Mcdonall (my favorite youtber: charlieissocoollike), Alex Day (nerimon), Ed Blann, Liam Drydan, and Micheal Aranda who I'm all big fans of
Favorite Song: Kiss the Girl

7. One Direction
Yes Ann LeMonnier actually does listen to One Direction. I am sad to say I haven't been listening to them very much in the past couple months for I've been trying out new bands and have found to enjoy them more. Even though I can't say I'm a directioner, they still made it up there
Favorite Song: Tell Me A Lie
8.  Tom Milson
As much as I'd love to make Tom Milson a top five, I just started listening to him and LOVED it but I'm just not into it enough to say he's a top five favorite singer
Favorite Song: Internet Love Song
9. Seven Minutes In Heaven
 I love seeing Timmy's covers on youtube. The reason he's stuck at number nine is he only has two singles out on Itunes and that doesn't really have enough to make a top five. Even though I must give him points for his cover of All Time Low's "Merry Christmas Kiss My Ass". It was magical.
favorite song: California
10. Ellie Goulding
Ellie Goulding is one of my favorite artists for her music has some sort of mystical and trance like sound to it which is calming and interesting to lisetn to. Her voice is amazing and unique which always helps. 
favorite song: Guns and Horses
Thanks for reading that HUGE post (you probably didn't read the whole thing) Comment your top 10 favorite artists! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monthly Fashion Bible- March

  Happy almost March! This March, seems like the biggest deal to me for it means only two months away from my long awaited bat mitzvah. Having to learn a whole three pages in a language that you barely know could probably be up there on the list of things that are the most stressful and most of my time has been spent locking myself in my bedroom just trying to finish the things before May. Being the procrastinator I am, instead of practicing Torah I've spent those hours of guilt looking through my closet for what I think of as "Hidden Treasures" or in normal language, things that you totally forgot you owned.
March is that month that you can't say is cold or hot. Therefor, your outfits have to accommodate that awkward feeling of being cold just not cold enough to whip on those three layers.Talking about hidden treasure, I found an old "Charlotte Russe" forest green tank. I then paired it up with a "Forever 21" lace blazer that I normally wear to bat mitzvah. Lastly, I put on my favorite edgy hand-me-down "Abbey Dawn" pants. This style could work without the blazer also by replacing it with a flowing cardigan or even a three quarter sleeved top. This picture was actually taken in December so it was just the perfect weather for straightening hair but in March the humidity and rain prep for April can make just hot ironed locks become giant nest of frizz. Suggestions for hair are curls and or wearing it up to give it a more preppy look.

Colors- Dark greens (forest, ivy, etc), Deep reds, browns, tans, soft grays, washed out denim
Tops- solid tanks (washed out or dark), Tight 3 quarter sleeves (washed out or dark)
Pants- Patterned leggings and/or jeans, washed out denim
Skirts- pattered! (plaids, no floral!, Buffalo check) lace, knee length with tall boots or calf length with short boots
Shoes- BOOTS! converse (classic red is usually the best), Tall boots with laces (as seen above), ankle length boots with zippers.
Jewelry- CHUNKY, Collar Necklaces (view blog), tight bracelets, infinity (view blog)
Hair- Keep it curly! High ponytails, low braids (just one!), ballerina buns