Monday, February 25, 2013

Monthly Fashion Bible- March

  Happy almost March! This March, seems like the biggest deal to me for it means only two months away from my long awaited bat mitzvah. Having to learn a whole three pages in a language that you barely know could probably be up there on the list of things that are the most stressful and most of my time has been spent locking myself in my bedroom just trying to finish the things before May. Being the procrastinator I am, instead of practicing Torah I've spent those hours of guilt looking through my closet for what I think of as "Hidden Treasures" or in normal language, things that you totally forgot you owned.
March is that month that you can't say is cold or hot. Therefor, your outfits have to accommodate that awkward feeling of being cold just not cold enough to whip on those three layers.Talking about hidden treasure, I found an old "Charlotte Russe" forest green tank. I then paired it up with a "Forever 21" lace blazer that I normally wear to bat mitzvah. Lastly, I put on my favorite edgy hand-me-down "Abbey Dawn" pants. This style could work without the blazer also by replacing it with a flowing cardigan or even a three quarter sleeved top. This picture was actually taken in December so it was just the perfect weather for straightening hair but in March the humidity and rain prep for April can make just hot ironed locks become giant nest of frizz. Suggestions for hair are curls and or wearing it up to give it a more preppy look.

Colors- Dark greens (forest, ivy, etc), Deep reds, browns, tans, soft grays, washed out denim
Tops- solid tanks (washed out or dark), Tight 3 quarter sleeves (washed out or dark)
Pants- Patterned leggings and/or jeans, washed out denim
Skirts- pattered! (plaids, no floral!, Buffalo check) lace, knee length with tall boots or calf length with short boots
Shoes- BOOTS! converse (classic red is usually the best), Tall boots with laces (as seen above), ankle length boots with zippers.
Jewelry- CHUNKY, Collar Necklaces (view blog), tight bracelets, infinity (view blog)
Hair- Keep it curly! High ponytails, low braids (just one!), ballerina buns

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