Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ziggy Stardust: a Look Through of Outfits

   With the tragic loss of David Bowie this week, I found it only appropriate to honor one of my favorite artists on here after having him as no doubt my biggest fashion and artistic inspiration. After really debating on how to do so, I decided on a lookbook of my favorite Ziggy Stardust outfits/photoshoots to be the best way to commemorate such an iconic and interesting artist.

Easily one of the most well known shoots Bowie has ever done with obvious reason behind it- the thing I loved most about Bowie and Ziggy's style was every outfit was a costume. He took fashion as a means of artistic expression and wore these art pieces that really transcended the definition of avant-guarde clothing and styling.
Bowie looking all dressed up in this Freddie Burretti suit is just so gorgeous. The coloring of these photos was beautiful with the red hair and deep blue eyeshadow adding a pop to the washed out background and light blue suit. The overall styling of this was so interesting just how Bowie could make anything into a look.
I'm unsure why I was so drawn to this look but it could possibly be my favorite, the patterns are so interesting along with this color scheme and the tone of the photograph.

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