Thursday, October 29, 2015

I've got them bad boy blues baby

Ugh wow quite a lot has happened. I feel as though that will continue to be a common opening sentence. I need to write more one here. 

♥I saw The Front Bottoms!! It was hands down one of the best nights ever my god. Seeing my favorite band ever couldn't actually be any better- I was pressed right up against the barricade, Brian Sella nodded at me multiple times, and I ended up crowd surfing for the first time ever to my favorite song off Back On Top, "Plastic Flowers". They're incredible live like Brian is adorable and so fun and they sound just like they do (if not better) in recordings. God damn I'm kind of tearing up thinking about it. 
Elvis Depressedly also opened which was A+++ 

I actually ended up seeing in them in Upstate New York funny enough (my friend's grandmother lives there) and my god is it gorgeous there. 

your local nature loving gay boi 

♥I became a staff member of Ando! Everyone there is super duper sweet and we just published our November issue! If you want to hear about me sitting in an empty apartment with two of my lovely friends, I'd highly recommend it (also watch out for my cool picks on music this month because I'm a cool music kid)

♥So this has become a How Fitting tradition on any of these diary posts but here is the CRUSH CORNER!! 

♥Brian Sella: my god does this one need an explanation?? He's just so adorable and sweet and I love focusing on him and The Front Bottoms.
♥Drake: Not even current Drake but like young actor wheelchair Drake. I've been watching quite a lot of Degrassi lately.
♥Banks: All I've been listening to. Her voice is beautiful and the lyrics are SO fucking good- 10/10 would recommend.
♥Matthew Gray Gubler: When is he not on my crush list? With Halloween being a thing at the moment, he's even more important.
♥Evan Peters: Yet another Halloween one but he's always up there.
♥Buffy: Not even Sarah Michelle. Buffy. 

Have a $uper cool Halloween,

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  1. The first time I saw the FB, I met Mat in the parking lot unloading equipment and then Brian came up and talked to me at the bar after the show! I will never forget it! The second time I saw them, they had become to big to realistically hang out with all the fans. I feel so lucky that I was there for an early show.