Thursday, July 30, 2015

sugarcane in the easy morning

   LIM is going positively great- I mean they give us free pizza on Fridays and my best friend there, Sam, came in the other day wearing glitter costume boots. What's not to love? This week, I ended up in a blog class- how fitting (what I'm so funny oh my god) and on the last day, we took a trip down to Tudor City park and overpass where we partnered up and took outfit photos of us. My lovely friend, Ashley, is responsible for these works of art.

♥Betty Boop skirt: stolen from Vivi
♥Crop top: H&M


  1. Are you referencing Panic! At The Disco in your post title because if so that is awesome, woooo
    Also, I love your hair, it's so fun and quirky!


    1. I am referencing Panic! And thank you!

  2. wooww,, beautiful, permissions bookmarks