Sunday, May 3, 2015

kick me in the face please it’ll make whatever i say sound like poetry

Yet another post where John takes photographs of me and Sam and I look about the same in every single one. On Saturday, John and Sam came over and we walked to town to get my hair cut because I had yet another over the trash can haircut that needed to be a wee bit corrected. We then got pizza and hair dye and I basically felt sorry for myself because of my hair.
me looking slightly like a stereotypical manic pixie dream girl

sam wrote out "pop punk pizza" in tribute to jarrod alonge (but completely forgot the last word)

we brought john's penny board to the park and i really have no clue what sam is doing 

john and i going ham on just dance

sam being an angsty teen and me sniffing a flower?

pretty typical post. I have cute friends and they take cute photos and I'm slightly cute. 

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