Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ann Complains About The New All Time Low Album

*I'm really sorry about how harsh I sound*
   Oh my. My favorite band since seventh grade released their latest album just today and I have so many different weird feelings about it. Just starting on a brief history (if you've been following this blog since the beginning, I talk more than enough about this band), All Time Low was the first band I ever really fell in love with. They introduced me to pop punk, an entire culture and genre I'd never actually gotten into until then, and not only do I know every single word to every song, every album and watch interviews for hours, I fell in love with the people in the band. I listened in to "Full Frontal" every week (to the point where Idobi Radio actually follows me on Twitter) and have never felt more dedication for anything. Even after a sub par album like this, I still call them my favorite band just because of everything they showed me.
   The first single off of Future Hearts, "Some thing's Gotta Give" came out a couple months back on BBC as their track of the day- overall, it's a pretty good song in my book. Pretty classic All Time Low and the music video was so fucking ridiculous and made completely no sense so I was pretty into it. Also, there was that full on excitement for the album that even if the song sucked, I would have still been bouncing off the walls. "Kids In The Dark" came out next and that's when disappointment set in- don't get me wrong, it's a catchy song but I was beginning to get worried that this was the entire album since it sounded so much like their previous single. The lyrics were so "We are teens. We like to party. We're misunderstood. You don't understand mom." that it completely drove me away from the entire track. The music video also really set in my dislike for it. By the time "Runaways" was out, I had about no hope for the album. That sounds pretty horrible but when the first two singles sound exactly alike and the title on MTV for it is "L8r H8rs" hope really is low. It was exactly like "Kids In The Dark" (even the beat matched) and had the same message. Though I've heard of some people looking at it as "inspirational" it sounds so fake to me. "Reckless and The Brave" has the same message yet at least it had creative lyrics. Finally, "Tidal Waves" came out and though I told Sam I wasn't expecting much, I actually enjoyed this one! Though it's a little repetitive, the fact they got Mark Hoppus completely makes up for it and it doesn't sound like the previous three so that's a bonus (OK it's a little depressing that my only standards for a good All Time Low song at this point is that they don't all sound the same). Then, a couple days later, the iTunes stream was put up. Oh god how do I even go into this. It all started with Sam, Harper, and I texting while listening to it and it ended with them being worried about how upset I got. I think it was the initial shock of disappointment that got me and made this album complete shit because once I listened to it again, my expectations were so dirt low that it sounded slightly better (I'm sorry- that's super harsh).
   The first track is "Satellites". I am yet to talk to someone who legitimately enjoys this song. It's a complete shit opening and super weak- it gets repetitive, uncreative, and the instrumental doesn't save it at all. There is no progression and when it ends, there's this point where you can't believe it did because they never really built up to anything aside from a scream at the end. Nothing appeals here. "Kicking and Screaming" is up next and though when I first listened to it, I was so against it but after listening to the rest of the album, this is sadly one of the best. Though the verse "Say hello to all my little nightmares" and "I'm chasing after rock and roll" are kind of dumb, the chorus actually sounds like an All Time Low song with their whole "So long and thanks for all" attitude and I could get into it. The guitar and especially percussion was really well done and Jack's solo midway was something I got into. I wasn't crazy about Alex trying to scream because it sounded really "try hard" and really wasn't a fan of the whole "fuck this all" (was that what he was saying? I couldn't even tell.) ending because it really looked as though a last grasp to be edgy. After the three first singles, (I've already gone over that), was the all time worst song off the album, "Missing You". I'm all about bands taking risks but really a ukulele? The lyrics are so cliche about needing a friend and so pseudo inspirational. It's so clean cut and the melodies are extremely boring- overall, this song is a complete mess. Who do they think they are? 20 Pilots? Never Shout Never? (Yes I realize not every song with a ukulele is a copy of these two select bands, I'm just an asshole). I could go on about this song but the last time I did, it turned into a rant of strange noises. "Cinderblock Garden" is the 7th track and I really like this one (wow! Ann actually is going to take a break from being horribly harsh!). Though it sounds SO much like 5 Seconds Of Summer (one of my least favorite bands ever) with the "Oh oh oh ohs", I could get past it just because it had hints of pop punk when all this album has been is clean cut pop. "Don't You Go" is after "Tidal Waves" and this was no doubt a filler song by the way the lyrics are so careless (and not in a good way). It sounds like something off of Dirty Work gone horribly wrong. I saw it as such an attempt to hold onto the whole asshole redeeming himself storyline that older songs like "Forget About It" and "Do You Want Me (Dead?)" had but sounded extraordinarily pop with the uncreative beat and overuse of filler "ohs". After this was the second worst song off Future Hearts, "Bail Me Out". How do I even approach this one. OK first of all, I really love parallel writing in lyrics but this was over and over again. They kept going for the obvious rhymes and there was no flow in the lyrics at all. It sounded. like. separate. lines. that. somewhat. connected. Did the two year old who makes their merch write this one? (OK I'm really sorry that was uncalled for). All Time Low redeems themselves slightly though at "Dancing With a Wolf". This is one of their darker ones and the lyrics are actually nicely done and I love the heavy instrumental. Yeah, the whole "I will take you down" is iffy but other than that, I actually could get through this one without cringing (too much). Another one of my favorites, "Edge Of Tonight" is on next. Alex's belts are perfect and this was my favorite set of lyrics. Though it definitely not pop punk, it's catchy and not nearly as clean cut and poppy as the others. The ending of this mess is "Old Scars/ Future Hearts" and though the chorus is actually a well done one, I wasn't crazy about the verses since I didn't like the beat very much.
   I don't want to come off like I hate the band because I couldn't be farther from it. I'm just really against this recent album. Who knows if this is the new All Time Low and they'll produce their next ten albums like this? Harper and I had a whole thing about how this is the worst album since Dirty Work and after listening to the latter again for the millionth time, I would never compare it to Future Hearts. Dirty Work is messy and kind of off but it keeps the shape of All Time Low and definitely isn't try hard or pop. To be honest, it makes sense why they'd produce an album like this- with the 5SOS fandom coming in (and guess who writes their music- hint: it's Alex) and them getting more and more popular, it only made sense to fit in. Yeah I'm disappointed with this album beyond belief but that doesn't change my love for the band. They're still the guys I've been obsessed with for three years and I'm hoping to see some new and better music in the future. I'm still excited beyond belief to see them live in May and also find out what the fuck a future heart is.

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